Key Features
Expansive collaborative systems
With team focused advanced features

Our intuitive team collaboration systems are designed to organize lending functions and simplify key processes.

LendingCycle is unique in that it joins your entire team and external partners in one system, increasing visibility while decreasing response times. Most financially oriented solutions that come close to addressing this concept are expensive and siloed to specific types of loans. Frankly, our number one competitor is spreadsheets. Our team collaboration approach incorporates advanced functionality that includes:
Lending Automation
  • Document Uploading/Sharing
  • Credit Proposal Automation
  • Automated Approval Functions
  • Electronic Loan Committee
  • Real-Time Pipeline Reports
  • Presentation Management
  • Participation Tracking
  • Referral & Cross Selling Tools
  • Activity Tracking
  • Automated Alerts
Operational Automation
  • CDFI Analysis and Reporting
  • Automated Loan Check Lists
  • Post-Close Lists and Ticklers
  • Workday Automation
  • HMDA LAR Data Collection and Audit
  • Collateral Management
  • Appraisal Ordering/Tracking
  • Compliance and Audit Functions
Collaborative Team Tools
  • Advanced Internal/External Messaging
  • External Construction Borrower Post-Close Submission Functions
  • External Borrower and Vendor File Sharing Functions
  • Director/Board Member Logins with Review and Approval Tools
  • Real Time Geo Mapping

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Key Features
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